Equipment Needed to Catch a Snake

What equipment is needed to catch a snake?
The species of snake differ from one another. Some snakes are huge in size while others are small or minute. Snakes are dangerous creatures so it is always a good option to catch whenever seen. There is lots of equipment that can be used to catch a snake. Each of the equipment is used in a different manner. Learning about the use of this equipment is always very important. A lot of people try to use simple techniques for catching the snakes but they are not always fruitful. Some of the tools used for catching snakes include:

Snake Tongs

  • This equipment is helpful in catching the snake.
  • The snake is grasped and held firmly into the tong.
  • Once grasped, it is safely moved to a particular distance.

Snake Hook
  • This equipment is used for catching large size snakes.
  • The snake is grasped with the hook.
  • With this tool, the snakes can also be safely transported from one place to another.

Minnow Trap
  • These minnow traps are similar to the net traps but they have wires around the trap.
  • Put some bait (i.e. eggs) into the net. The snake will be attracted towards the eggs and will try to eat them.
  • One benefit of using this trap is: the snakes will not come out from the net.

Glue Trap Box
  • This is the easiest and simplest way of catching the snake.
  • The trap is easily available. Bait (food i.e. eggs or frozen items) is glued on the trap box.
  • When the snake tries to eat the food, it gets stick onto the trap.
  • While using it, ensure that it is checked daily and the trap is large enough to catch the snake otherwise a small trap will help the snake to run away.

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